Belzona Polymerics (2018)

Belzona Polymerics

Number Plate Recognition and video site access control solution for protective coatings world leader Belzona Polymerics.

Project Brief

As part of expanding their site in Harrogate, Belzona Polymerics required traffic control to their staff and visitor parking. Pedestrian access control was also required for visitor and staff access through pedestrian gates.

Known vehicles were to be identified by number plate (ANPR) or existing staff fobs. Visitors required video intercom communication to reception with overview cameras to allow reception to view comings and going at the barrier at all times.

Exiting the site was to be allowed in all cases.

The Challenge

The entrance area was confined and heavy traffic was sometimes expected meaning individual lanes for entry and exit were not suitable. A single lane solution was required for entry and exit.

The new equipment was to connecting to the old building via a new outbuilding over a combination of new and old network infrastructure. The network required segregated earthing for chemical and fire safety, enforcing the use of fibre optic networking. This meant that all systems had to be network capable to communicate across site as no direct copper cables would be allowed.

The existing fob system used across the site is required to allow controlled access and would need to be integrated into the new access control  security system.

The Solution

An automated raising barrier was identified as the most suitable traffic control option, utilising a camera mounted at number plate height we are able to read number plates under the barrier boom as the vehicle approaches. The number plates are processed by a controller with integrated database, this holds the advantage of number plates being accepted even if their is a loss in network connectivity and is administered from software on the reception PC.

A high definition video intercom calls back to a dedicated handset in reception with screen showing intercom camera and paired with overview cameras. Existing staff keyfobs are used with the integration of fob readers at the gates and barrier.

Ground induction loops were used to detect outgoing vehicles and allow vehicles to exit automatically and provide a safety feature  to stop the barrier lowering on passing vehicles.


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Tech We Used

Access Control

We selected Paxton Access, their software is always enjoyed by customers and their networked intercoms provide exceptional quality while benefiting from British manufacture and support.


Nedap’s camera post blends into its surroundings and provides clear number plate capture in all conditions while integrating with access control systems and networking requirements.


Cisco’s Enterprise POE network switch coupled with fusion spliced optical fibre allowed full integration with existing network architecture.

Access Control and ANPR Installations

Numerous companies like Belzona Polymerics have called on our expertise at the planning stage across a huge range of projects over the years, to ensure the technology is incorporated as seamlessly as possible.