Bespoke Wine Cellar (2022)

Bespoke Wine Cellar

A bespoke wine cellar in a private house, beautifully lit by Epixx

Project Brief

As part of a larger project, we were approached by the client to create a wine cellar similar to one he’d seen on Pinterest.

The lighting would need to highlight to bottles, creating depth in the space, but also give enough lighting to the space for wine tasting sessions and most of all, highlight all the natural wooden surfaces and grains in the joinery work.

The lighting would need to planned meticulously to miss the joists and steelwork for the room above to ensure we could site downlighting in the exact position required to highlight the bottles.

Lighting Design

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Our Solutions

We planned to highlight each section of the display much like we would on a commercial project, centralised tilt downlights were utilised to highlight the bottle storage and linear LED strips were used to highlight to display bottles and the joinery work.

The Lighting itself was controlled by a Lutron dimming system to create moods in the space for different occasions, from picking a bottle for the evening to a full blown wine tasting in the cellar with friends.

We used bespoke Orluna downlights to bring out the depth of colour in the woodwork as their LED engines are unrivalled at colour recreation especially in warmer hues when highlighting wood.

We opted for brushed brass baffles within the down lights to give a small metal detail which continues throughout the whole house.