Full building access solved, video intercom and ready for more than just a door intercom, the 2N video intercom gives you a notification on your smartphone whenever the doorbell is pressed. Even if you’re half way across the world you’ll still be able to see and talk to your visitor. You will then have the capabilities of being able to open the door for them.


The 2N IP Verso range features an ultra sharp HD camera with night vision and built in motion detector. It can also be added to your existing conventional door bell chime in your home. Available in silver or anthracite.

Chosen by Control 4, Crestron and Savant as their own door entry systems; you can rest assured that the 2N works with any home control platform. Designed for custom installers, it allows remote viewing and the ability to route call chimes through integrated Savant enabled ceiling speakers.

This coupled with the ability to trigger lighting scenes upon actions and customisable keypad options means we find that 2N is suited to almost any project requiring an advanced video door entry system.

Why we like 2N


Unlike consumer products such as Nest and Ring, Doorbird allows us to use the video feed from your front door and add it to your wider CCTV system and control system, allowing 24hr recording of the camera feed and easy playback through your smartphone.

Installation Options

The 2N system allows both new cabling (RJ45 POE) but also allows to retrofitting over a standard manual doorbell push and in most cases you can power the new system over the old cable installed to the existing doorbell with no new cabling.

Customisable Keypad Options

Building the system is easy, at the top of the unit is the Audio/video module. The system can then be expanded upon with options such as mechanical numeric keypad, touch screen, bluetooth module for tapping smartphone and numerous other options to gain access to your premises.

2N Video Intercom Installations

Looking to invest in a video doorbell? Get in touch today and one of our specialists will assist you in selecting the right equipment for your property.

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