If you live in the area they cover you will be overjoyed by the connection and service from B4RN, if not you'll be left pining for them to connect you up. Either way they present an amazing internet speed that presents its own set of problems!


Setup to solve the problem of BT/OpenReach’s reluctance to bring fast internet to those that live in the rural area they cover, B4RN (Broadband For the Rural North) have surpassed that target and gone the extra distance in delivering a service virtually unparalleled nationwide. They provide true fibre connections to every home and business they connect to by digging across field after field and installing fibre optic cables . Not “fibre” that other broadband providers lie they offer – more accurately fibre to a cabinet near you offering speeds of 40-300mbps down and 5-50mpbs up. B4RN provide 1000mbps down and 1000mbps up – true Gigabit. If you want you can even pay extra and over the same fibre have 10000mbps down and up too!

In fact part of the decision making process to move our showroom in Kirkby Lonsdale was the availability of all that B4RN bandwidth.

Correct WiFi Distribution

Understanding requirements

First we speak with you about your needs and survey your property to understand its construction and how that impacts WiFi coverage.


Placing wireless access points (sometimes referred to as boosters) where they will give the best coverage while offering good aesthetics, choosing cable routes to each one discreetly.


Once installed, setup ensures the coverage allows seamless roaming throughout the building and high levels of security for all those using your network.

What ever could possibly be a problem with super-fast broadband?

Well, not a lot if you live in a small new build home! But as it turns out many of those connected would like to be able to use their fantastic speedy connection in the room on the other side of a 1m thick Yorkshire stone wall.

Thick walls and heavy flooring materials stop WiFi from reaching the parts of your home you most need it and often products touted as the solution such as “Whole Home WiFi”, “Mesh Repeater Kits”, “Powerline Boosters” and “Signal extenders” fall short of expectations and sometimes make things worse by adding interference and confusion.

When it comes down to it, if the WiFi wouldn’t make it through a wall, repeating a WiFi signal on the other side of the wall is just going to repeat something that you can’t use.

We always look to provide hard wired access points in locations that give you the best coverage to ensure your family get the best possible connection.

WiFi Installaion

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