Bluesound Installation Service

Created by renowned audio specialists NAD Electronics, Bluesound is a premium smart music system using audiophile-grade wireless Hi Fi speakers and digital players.

HiFi quality streaming, anywhere in your home

Like Sonos, Blusound combines with streaming services to bring you all the music ever recorded wirelessly to every room in your home, with award-winning immersive sound.

At Epixx our extensive experience includes stand-alone Bluesound installations as well as systems integrated into larger, whole-home solutions.

Bluesound supports playback of 24-bit lossless audio. Unlike other systems, every player in the range is capable of playback with fully uncompressed audio files so you hear the music just as the artist intended, and get the most out of your sound system.

The Bluesound App

Bluesound’s BluOS app is a beautifully simple, intuitive operating system that integrates extremely well with our own control systems.

Available for iOS tablets and phones, the BluOS controller app is everything you need to listen to your music on any Blu-OS enabled wireless music system, from streaming your music directing from your phone or any online streaming service such as Spotify or Tidal, to listening to internet radio from around the globe.

Seamless instant grouping of rooms within the app allows you to instantly fill your home with music to enjoy your music in any room with Blusound enabled speakers.

Bluesound Installation

If you’d like to talk to a specialist about Bluesound, get in touch online or call us on 01524 566006.