Epson are acknowledged as the world leader in imaging technology – making their range of laser projectors ideal for our media room installations.


Whether you’re catching up on your favourite sport, streaming a classic movie or box set or playing the latest game, our range of equipment can make sure it’s a memorable event.

Using many of the most advanced technologies, their latest 4K-enhanced, UHD home cinema projectors deliver a truly immersive viewing experience.

From ultra short throw projectors for discreet installations, to pin-sharp 4K enhanced laser projection, we find Epson has a solution for not only our media rooms but corporate environments too, from conference centres to board rooms.

Why We Like It

Laser technology

The latest range from Epson uses laser technology to project the image, allowing for much longer running times and maintenance-free use. With a laser light source rated for up to 30,000 hours, you can enjoy the big screen experience time and time again.

Market leaders

Innovative technology, high build quality and brilliant performance have put Epson at the head of the market; in fact, they’ve been the world’s number one projector manufacturer since 2001. Their unrivalled reliability is also why we use Epson projection technology in our experience centre

Instant on, instant off

With laser technology, gone are the days of waiting for the projector to warm up before you get the best image. Our range of projectors goes from off to full brightness in just 20 seconds.

Cloud Monitoring

When you invest in a home cinema, media room or business venue, you want to know the technology will work seamlessly for years after installation. Epson’s software and cloud monitoring sends us notifications about critical issues such as overheating, so we can remotely maintain your projector without a site visit.

Epson Installation

At Epixx, we specialise in Epson installations; to talk to one of our experts, simply get in touch online or call 01524 566006.

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