Nest has very much led the way in the ‘Internet of Things’, with their range of smart thermostats designed around convenience and simplicity.


In larger properties additional Nest equipment can be used to control zones and rooms separately, increasing energy savings and comfort.

The smart thermostats we offer can reduce your energy bills by up to £200 a year, thanks to on-board movement sensors and innovative geofencing. All you do is set up simple rules when you leave the house to automatically switch off your heating system.

These thermostats are often an integral part of the systems we design and program, incorporating clever technology that’s equally easy to control.

Why We Like It

Simple installation

In most instances, installing a Nest product is a quick and easy process – whether it’s integrated into your home as part of a larger system, or used as stand-alone heating management.


The thermostat’s ‘self-learning’ technology means next-to-no programming is needed, as it learns how you use it and constantly updates its settings around you.


Nest looks good, with their innovative round design virtually re-inventing the humble housing thermostat; a simple turn of its wheel alters the temperature.


The Nest protect is one of the only combined Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detection systems available. Incredibly smart, it thinks before it speaks and speaks before it alarms. Allowing you to deal with the overcooked bacon before the kids are woken.

It’s ability sending real time alerts to your phone so you know of any issues while away is a great feature and quickly telling the system you’ve got a false alarm from your smartphone saves all the hassle associated with traditional smoke alarm systems.

It can be fitted anywhere in the home using wired or battery versions.


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