Rako is one of the industry’s leading names in lighting systems and cutting edge digital dimming technology.

Dim any type of lighting

Rako is a brand that offers lighting control systems for homes and businesses. These systems allow you to control your lighting in a variety of ways, from simple on/off switches to complex automation and scheduling. They offer innovative solutions covering a wide and diverse range of applications, with wireless, wired and combined product options to cover virtually any installation, however complex.

Additionally, Rako offer a range of control options for your lighting system, including wall-mounted switches, handheld remote controls, and even smartphone apps. This means you can control your lighting from anywhere in your home or business, making it easy to adjust the lighting to your needs.


Why We Like Rako


With their large range of dimming modules for almost any type of LED lighting, Rako helps us ensure flicker-free dimming and smooth curves with every installation.


Rako’s modular, decentralised format means it can be easily retrofitted to any property, while adding extra rooms to existing installations is simple and straightforward.

Intelligent timers and app control

Integrating perfectly with our control systems, Rako gives you intelligent timers and control over all your lighting and blinds at the touch of a button or from your smartphone anywhere, anytime.


Robert Mason

Owner - Quite Simply French

After our first evening open at QSF everyone loved the new bar lighting. Along with all the music and ambience! And of course the food, service and wine. Thank you Epixx ! Amazing job! Bespoke, professional and on time!

Alexa and Homekit support

Rako lighting control systems can be integrated with other smart home systems, such as Crestron or Control4. Meaning you can control your lighting with simple voice commands.

Rako’s systems integrate perfectly with IoT-enabled devices products such as Amazon’s Echo range too, allowing simple voice commands to control your lighting and blinds. You can even set your preferred lighting mood from your smartwatch.



Rako Installations

At Epixx, we've carried out many Rako installations - if you'd like to talk to one of our specialists about a similar solution simply click enquire now, or call us on 01524 566006

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