Ruckus WiFi

WiFi that just works - Our range of Ruckus access points guarantee coverage throughout homes and businesses worldwide. Trusted by the biggest brands on the planet, Ruckus WiFi guarantees our clients have robust, excellent coverage throughout their whole premises.

Simply Better Wireless

For most businesses and private homes, a WiFi network that’s “good enough” just isn’t good enough. WiFi should be excellent at all times, both in terms of coverage and in terms of reliability. Our private clients know it only takes a minute for the kids to come running downstairs screaming the WiFi’s off! And it only takes a minute for a business running wireless equipment to lose out on sales due to dropouts.

At Epixx we understand this – we want your WiFi to work flawlessly from the day we install it and for years into the future, no dropouts, no buffering, just a smooth online experience for everyone and everything on your network.

That’s why we install Ruckus access points as standard to all of our projects, their flexibility and reliability allow networks to expand as your home or business expands, built with the future in mind, but most importantly – reliable.

We have thousands of ruckus access points out in the field delivering WiFi to clients and their devices across the country, and we’ve NEVER had a faulty one.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of the intitutions that trust Ruckus to deliver their WiFi here.

WiFi Installations

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WiFi Everywhere

Ruckus have access points to suit every installation type, from private homes that require ultra fast connections to all devices, to university campuses that require seamless handoffs between zones and WiFi between buildings.

With a range of outdoor points as well and indoor points, it ensures our clients get WiFi where they need it.

All Ruckus access points now support 802.11ax or WiFi 6, the latest and greatest WiFi standard, meaning that all or installations enjoy enhanced speeds and client density for even the most challenging WiFi deployments.

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