Starlink's high speed, low latency broadband, professionally installed by Epixx, and seamlessly integrated into our whole home WiFi solutions.

Fast, Reliable Internet


Working in remote locations across the North West of England, we understand how frustrating it can be when you have a sub-par internet connection feeding your connected home in the era of remote working and social media.

Here at Epixx Systems, we complete a Smart Home Installation before our clients move in for them only to be offered a poor 8mbps download speed from their provider and no choice but to pay over the odds for a sub-standard internet connection.

Well, Starlink internet might just be your saviour, or at least offer a viable alternative to using 4G/5G data SIM cards for your broadband.

What is Starlink?

Engineered by SpaceX, Starlink is a network of satellites which deliver ultra fast broadband to your home over the air. With latencies as low as 20ms, Starlink unlocks all the services a modern home and family require. Even data intensive services such as streaming video, video calling and online gaming.

Rather than having a network of professional installers, SpaceX have opted for a self-installation model, with mostly everything you need to install the equipment supplied when you check out.

The problem is, if your house is stone built and rural, which a lot of Lake District properties who are suffering low speeds are, drilling cables into your home should, in our option be carried out by professionals and coupled with a WiFi survey to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from the installation.

How it works

Site survey

We perform a site survey on your property to establish if you need any more WiFi distribution equipment in order to benefit from Starlink in all corners of your home

We'll order your starlink

Once we're happy that your property can benefit from Starlink, and we've made sure you'll have coverage in every corner of your home, you'll place the order with Starlink directly, and order any other equipment required through ourselves.


Once your Starlink arrives, we book an installation date to carry out your Starlink and WiFi system installation.


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