The rise of Electric Blinds

The rise of Electric Blinds

Getting the correct treatment for your windows, not all solutions are created equal.

Convenience and control

We have been offering automated blinds in our cinema rooms from our very first install. The ability to control the daylight is essential for the full cinema experience with a projected image.

Recently we have seen a huge lift in demand for automatic window treatments throughout the home, automatic blinds, motorised curtains, switchable privacy glass. Each providing levels of privacy, blackout, glare reduction, solar and thermal insulation. Above all, convenience and control over your home environment.

Exceeding expectations

Demand seems to be driven by two factors, the increase in glass in properties, large architectural windows that simply are not suited to manually operated solutions. Secondly the increase in availability, names such as Somfy and Silent Gliss becoming ubiquitous yet they’re not always as quiet as their marketing would suggest, we also found that they don’t provide the levels of control our clients have come to expect from products we install.

Having had these disappointing experiences we have turned to our long standing partners Lutron, they are undisputed leaders of lighting control and have become leaders in shading control. With their huge range of solutions that offer flawless control with barely a whisper.

Ready to treat your windows?

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Why Choose Epixx

Full Service

We do everything ourselves, from home automation consultation, design, specification, installation to ongoing maintenance, and only bring in experts in specific technologies if the project requires it.

Personal Touch

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