Office Garden Wifi (2022)

Office Garden WiFi

The wifi system we installed is designed to provide maximum coverage, ensuring you have a strong, stable connection, even in remote locations of your garden.

The Perfect Connection

Work from anywhere with our WiFi system installation in this beautiful Shepards hut home office in the Lake District. This cozy and quaint space, nestled in a garden, has been upgraded with state of the art wifi technology, providing fast and reliable internet connection.

The wifi system we installed is designed to provide maximum coverage, ensuring that you have a strong and stable connection, even in the most remote locations of the garden.

The Shepards hut itself is a charming and unique space, perfect for those who want to escape the distractions and focus on their work. With its rustic design and cozy atmosphere, it’s easy to feel inspired and productive in this home office.

Remote Locations

Garden offices are a great way to stay motivated outside of your home, with garden wifi installed you’ll never worry about losing connection again. We were able to fit and install this outdoor wifi signal in one day to ensure the client received the best experience possible with the best connection. Using the same Ruckus system as inside the house, ensuring connection is never lost.

Access to reliable internet in outdoor settings can enhance productivity, as you are able to move round freely without losing connection and enjoy a change of scenery. Not only will this reduce stress but it will also improve your overall wellbeing and motivation to work outside of the ‘stereotypical’ office space.