Origin Valet

Hide Alexa in the Ceiling

Origin Acoustics have a released a multiroom audio system with a twist. Voice control from Amazon Alexa. Say hello to Valet - their new voice controlled multi-room audio solution.

Origin Acoustics

Long have Origin been our go-to in-ceiling speaker manufacturer due to their price to performance ratio, but they have just released a standalone audio system that could prove to be their most innovative yet.

Reinventing the way we control our music within our homes, they’ve developed a standalone music system that can be used for so much more than just listening to our favourite online streaming services, local content and radio… thanks to Amazon’s Echo Dot.


Dave Donald


Our Valet system does not have a direct competitor. We found a hole in the market we could fill with a product that compliments the Amazon Echo Dot while allowing our dealers to create a voice controlled multi-zone, multi-source music distribution system that is both simple to design and simple to operate.

Hide the Dots

They’ve engineered a system that replaces the traditional 2 speaker grilles per room setup by adding a 3rd central grille which looks identical to the left and right speakers – only it houses an Amazon Echo Dot.

It’s ready to take your voice commands for not only the audio stream of the room that you’re in, but for your whole home of connected products that Alexa can control, such as Lutron’s RA2 Select for lighting and blinds and Nest for heating, along with numerous other products that we specify and install on our projects.



Dave Donald


Now that voice control has developed into a reliable input method, the sky is the limit. One of the amazing features of the Dot is the incredible microphone array that can pick up, understand and process commands from a surprising distance. This combined with the ever-advancing AI makes interfacing with the system an entertaining and enjoyable experience. In my humble opinion, voice control has just begun to scratch the surface of its potential abilities. It's here to stay.

Not just an audio system

The primary purpose in the development stage was to create a simple yet powerful voice controlled music system. But it soon became apparent that using the Amazon Alexa control platform could unlock a whole home voice control platform while delivering multi-room audio at the same time.

The system as standard comes as a 4 room solution but can be scaled in multiples of 4 to serve even the largest of residential properties, and with integrated subwoofer outputs it ensures we can make any Valet enabled room’s audio system sound like what Alexa could only dream of sounding.

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