Arts and Crafts Cinema (2015)

Arts and Crafts Home Cinema

A bespoke home cinema created in a lake district country house, complete with hidden speakers and bespoke lighting

Project Brief

After an initial open day at our showroom, we were approached by one of our visitors to create a Home cinema in their country home.

The cinema room would be used for family evenings, both for watching Sky TV and movies from their movie collection, along with games consoles on occasion when their children are home from university.

The cinema needed to be sympathetic to the original home’s and arts and crafts theme that runs throughout the house while delivering amazing sound from hidden speakers.

The Challenge

With limited space in ceiling for cable runs and no loft access to the void space above, we opted to create a boxing around the room to run cables and create a lighting feature.

This boxing was sized to hide the projector in and forms the boxing for not only the cable runs but for custom made downlights to match the arts and crafts theme.

There was an existing cupboard in the corner of the room which we utilised to house all the amplifiers and source equipment.

All the lighting would been to be controlled from the handheld remote to allow the client to control them while watching movies, but futuristic lighting keypads could not be used in a house like this as it wouldn’t be in keeping.

Bespoke Solutions

To stay in the arts and crafts theme of the house, bespoke covers were made for the projector and speakers, the rear speakers were made to look like pictures of famous actors and all equipment (including the projector screen) was framed using the same faux- eel skin fabric with ivory detail.

The light fittings were manufactured by a silversmith and were fitted with small runs of LED strip to create a linear downlight effect.

Other unique antique light fittings were sourced by the interior designer and were up-cycled by Epixx to use LED strips to work with the smart lighting system, including cat with eyes that glow when watching movies.


Bespoke Home Cinemas

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Picture speakers & tweed walls

The (rear) surround speakers were hand made by Robson Acoustics and recessed into the walls prior to the installation of the stretched tweed fabric wall system to enhance the acoustic performance of the space.

The subwoofer was hidden down the side of the Sofa to minimise visual disruption and we built a stud work frame on the front wall to house all the front speakers prior to hanging the screen.

The Kit List

Projector: JVC X70
AV Receiver: Yamaha RXA 1080
Front Speakers: Sonance Reference LCR
Surround Speakers: Robson Acoustics Bespoke
Subwoofer: Yamaha 12″ Cabinet

Input Sources: Sky HD, Denon Blu-ray Player, Xbox

Lighting Control: Rako Controls
Lightswitch: Custom made from Wandsworth parts, connected to Rako system.
Lighting: Bespoke LED Fittings
Remote Control: RTI Surfir