Kaleidescape - Movie Servers

At the heart of every home cinema is the content that's being viewed - Kaleidescape brings all your content together into a beautiful graphical user interface allowing users to find a film they love on screen, without loading discs.

A Movie Library Built to Your Viewing Tastes

Kaleidesape is our preferred content delivery system for our home cinema and media rooms. Powering high-end speakers and large screens with professional hardware and ultra-crisp 4K UltraHD HDR Movies and TV shows.

Local storage of all your movies and TV shows means that your broadband bandwidth isn’t a limiting factor for streaming – meaning that content can be stored without any loss in quality – a major downfall of online platforms such at Netflix.

There’s nothing more frustrating than your internet dropping out in the middle of a movie, and with Kaliedescape, your internet speed doesn’t matter. Movies are downloaded to the device as you buy them, allowing for instantaneous startup and best of all – no adverts.

Stephen Carr

Brand Manager - Pulse Cinemas

Kaleidescape is a truly unique product in home cinema. As the world moves towards low quality streaming and away from physical media, Kaleidescape is now the only place to find the largest selection of the latest 4K & HDR movies without sacrificing any of the audio & video qualities lost through streaming.

Strato 4K

Kaliedesape’s Strato products are the only seamless way for our clients to watch and enjoy films in the finest available quality. From the latest releases direct from the studios to the absolute classics – all available on the Kaleidescape store in quality up to 4K & HDR.

Strato players and servers can be grouped together to create a system to suit the needs of our clients. Extra players can be added to holiday properties and other rooms – all containing the same easy to navigate user interface and all delivering the same beautiful lossless content across the systems wider infrastructure.

Integration with ourĀ Savant control systems unlocks delightful extra features such as lights automatically dimming when a movie starts, and lights coming up when you pause the movie or the end credits start – a truly immersive cinematic experience.

Kaliedesape Installation

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