Kitchen Renovation (2022)

Kitchen Audio Upgrade

Upgrading your cooking experience with hidden speakers in your kitchen. Brilliant sound quality for everyone to enjoy.

Enhance your space

Speaker specification

We already work with the world’s finest names in speaker technology, but if you have a personal preference our independence means we’re able to accommodate it.

Your collection

If you’ve got a large CD or Vinyl collection we can integrate that too, allowing quick access to your favourite music throughout your property.

Music Distribution

Your audio system features brilliant true-to-life audio quality, integrating directly with the music files on your tablet or smartphone or simply using any online streaming service to access to all the songs you could ever imagine.

Kitchen Experience

Cook up something special in this recently completed kitchen renovation! With state of the art features and luxurious finishes, this space is the ultimate in style and functionality.

One of the standout features of this kitchen is the plaster-in invisible speakers. These Sonance invisible series speakers are seamlessly integrated into the ceilings, then plastered over, providing high-quality sound without compromising the design of the room and leaving a clean, uncluttered ceiling.

These speakers can be controlled and changed from the touch of a button, either from your mobile phone, touch screen or a handheld remote. Giving you easy access to switch from music, radio or a podcast for you and everyone to enjoy. Additionally, you can program you systems to save all of your favourites to your Home Screen, ensuring you don’t need to spend extra time searching for them whilst in a busy kitchen. All of the speakers in the kitchen and other rooms of the property can be controlled by the same device or separate for different music tastes.


The expertise to create a smarter technology experience

Rather than Hi-Fi or TV retailing, our background is in electrical and electronics – so we know all about installing components with an effective infrastructure that’s truly reliable and intuitive.