Lake View Garden Bar (2022)

Lake View Garden Bar

A complete re-fit of a pop-up bar in the heart of Bowness on Windermere, loaded with technology and situated in a prime lake view location, this bar is peak lakes hospitality.

Project Brief

Epixx were approached in late 2021 to begin the system design of this pop-up bar in Bowness On Windermere, once a temporary solution, this bars popularity during the lockdown years with people flocking to the lakes instead of abroad hadn’t gone unnoticed by the owners.

Hargreaves Group decided to invest into this business and to nearly quadruple the current floorspace making it one of the largest venues in the south lakes, with arguably the best views.

The bar would need a full network design to take all the POS equipment, CCTV, alarm systems and audio systems. The audio system would need the flexibility to grow as the venue does, allowing control from behind each and every bar and allowing staff to plug live bands or DJs in should they be required in future.

The WiFi system would need be robust enough to handle not only all the venues systems but all the guests too, and coverage would be required throughout the building and terraces.

To learn more about lake view garden bar you can visit their website here

Our Solutions

We designed the network to be as robust as possible, in a hospitality venue like this, a 10 minute internet outage (which is not uncommon in Bowness) can cost thousands of pounds in lost sales, we added built in redundancy to the network via a 4G antenna, set up to kick in a take over all POS and critical systems in the event of an outage.

For the WiFi we used Ruckus access points which include the latest WiFi standard (WiFi6) giving ourselves and the venue the peace of mind that everyone and everything attached to the network can enjoy a stable and secure WiFi connection.

For the audio network we chose to use a central Yamaha DSP signal processor with built in Dante – a network protocol which allows audio to be transported across the network. This allows us to future proof venues with just a single cat6 cable to an outlet on the wall, and audio sources (DJs) etc can just plug into these points and play audio across the network to the house system.

For the speakers we opted to use Sonance amplification and pro speaker line to ensure a perfect level of audio across the terraces and indoor spaces.

Stephen Hargreaves

CEO - Lake View Garden Bar

Having worked with Epixx now for a number of projects i can whole heartedly confirm their passion for the industry in which they work. Their attention to detail is second to none, as is their design, service, after sales service and complete work ethic. I highly recommend them and will continue to work closely with them for my future projects.