Lancaster Restaurant (2018)

Quite Simply French

Widely considered one of Lancasters best restaurants, QSF approached Epixx for a lighting and tech overhaul to elevate the eating experience for their clients.

The Brief

During a ongoing renovation, a Lancaster restaurant approached Epixx to overhaul their lighting, audio and WiFi systems throughout the restaurant. The lighting would need controls behind the bar, and dynamically change throughout the day/evening to suit the mood of the restaurant.

A new WiFi system would be required to serrate guests/staff and POS networks, along with a new audio system to allow a better coverage and distribution of music throughout the venue.

The existing audio system consisted of some rather dated on wall JBL speakers and the existing lighting was a downlight/ pendant combination but didn’t offer much flexibility when it came to moving tables for special bookings and occasions.

The new lighting design would need to be sympathetic to the original features of the space, but add a modern twist by highlighting the wall features and allowing pendants to be moved on the fly if required by table layout.

Our Solutions

For the lighting controls, we used Rako wireless controls to decentralise the dimming system and saved having to make a mess of the plasterwork during the wiring process, this allowed us to run less cables and provide a speedy and efficient installation. It also gave us the flexibility of adding keypads wherever would be required in future, along with dynamic control of the lighting though-out the day depending on service.

We re-wired the audio system from scratch and used our usual combination of Sonos for amplification and Sonance for the ceiling speakers to keep the walls clear for creating dramatic lighting scenes.

For the WiFi we used Ruckus to give us future proof flexibility and the ability to segregate networks and expand the network in future should it be required.

For the lighting we used a combination of warm white LED strips, coloured uplights, tasteful pendants and bankers lamps to being the space to life and highlight all the lovely features of the space.

Rob Mason

Owner - Quite Simply French

Epixx you have truly been amazing! Cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond to get Quite Simply French open. Cannot recommend enough!