Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Harnessing the power of light in a space should be seamless. You shouldn’t have to remember which switch does what to create the right atmosphere for the current situation. Whether you’re relaxing or entertaining, there should be a preset for both. Moreover, lighting shouldn’t be thought of as just the light fittings in a particular space, but should include natural light with the use of automated shades to harness the power of daylight to convert harsh glare into usable light while preserving your view.


Coming home – Walking into a dark home is a thing of the past with one of our lighting control systems, utilising geofencing, a ‘welcome scene’ is recalled when you or any family member arrives home, turning on specific lights defined by your lifestyle.

The geofencing feature of the whole home app on your mobile phone controls lights based on your location. It can turn lights on when you arrive home, and either notify you if you’ve left lights on when you leave, or simply turn them all off.

A convenient home and away keypad by the entrances can also trigger this feature so guests can easily utilise the feature too.


The Kitchen is at the heart of any modern home, it’s the place where you start your day with a coffee and unwind after work cooking a meal for the family. With a lighting control system you can create one scene for cooking where under-unit lights and light fittings over worktops are bright, and another scene for dining where the kitchen areas are dimmed and the dining area is set to a dimmed level that suits you.

Rather than having a bank of switches lined up on the wall and having to manually turn everything on or off to create an atmosphere, a simple lighting keypad allows for recall of favourite lighting scenarios based on the current activity – adding elegance to any space and eliminating wall clutter.

Couple with this a simple module to control the music in the room and suddenly the lighting keypad does so much more giving added function from the same simple to use keypad setup.

Living Room

Lighting control in a living space creates a cosy, welcoming atmosphere for winding down with the family, whether it’s after work or on a weekend. One scene for relaxing with your favourite book, and another for watching TV.

Add to this control over electric blinds or curtains, automatically closing when the ‘movie’ scene is selected to create a true cinema experience in the home. You can adjust your blinds based on the time day too, they help lower cooling costs in the summer and help to reduce heating costs in winter by utilising the sun to warm the space during the day. They can also be automatically adjusted by current light levels by utilising a window sensor to inform the blinds of how bright the sun is at any particular time.

Electric blinds in the living space can also help prevent damage to furniture from harmful UV rays. Our made to measure window treatments are available in a variety of fabrics and styles.

Media Room

Lighting Control in a media room is a must in our opinion. Whether you’re enjoying a romantic night in or watching a movie with the family, lighting can be adjusted to suit any occasion. Enjoy a movie with very low levels of ambient light for cinematic effect, but when the movie is paused the lights can be brought to a level to allow you to grab another drink from the minibar or to grab another bag of popcorn.

Media rooms can be used to listen to music too, so it’s natural to assume the lighting keypad can also operate the music levels and recall your favourite playlists. Our Lighting control systems seamlessly integrate into the numerous audio solutions we offer, such as Sonos




Start your morning with a slow fade of light or utilise the electric blinds and let the daylight wake you naturally at a time that suits you. Our lighting control systems allow you to control your lights and blinds from the bedside using wireless controls or tabletop stands.

Before you get into bed, activate the ‘Goodnight scene’ to turn all the house lighting off ensuring no lights are left on wasting energy in the night. Because the lighting system is wholistic, you’re not confined to controlling just the lights that surround you, but all the lighting in the house – allowing complete control from the bedside.

When you wake in the morning, tap the morning button to light the areas that you use most in your morning routine, the ultimate in convenience.


Lighting control in the bathroom or ensuite areas give you the ability the manipulate the lighting to create a relaxed atmosphere for having a bath and to create a seamless transition into your morning routine without dazzling you with an over-lit space.

With the touch of a button the space can be transformed for daily activities, or coupled with the morning button at the bedside to allow control of the ensuite before you’ve even left the bed.

By utilising an occupancy sensor, lighting can be brought on automatically dependent on the time day, allowing for low level dimmed light and no fan noise if used during the night, or brighter lighting for evening use.


When designing the lighting for a property, we consider the outside to be another room. Outside lighting can have a number of uses, whether you’re relaxing in the garden on a summers evening or need the floodlights on to complete a last bit of gardening as the night draws in. Naturally these outdoor spaces need to be controlled to achieve the right level of light for the activity.

Utilising the systems in-built astronomic time clock, lights can be brought on or off at dusk or dawn, no matter what time of year it is. Lights can then be dimmed while you dine overlooking the garden then automatically turned off either by a timer, or by the ‘goodnight scene’ by the bedside lighting keypad.


Lighting Control Systems

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