Lutron RA2 Select

Lutron release new smart lighting system

A personalised smart lighting and blind control system for any home and any budget from the world leader in lighting control products. RA2 Select brings more convenience, comfort and reliability to your home. And allows your to stay in touch with it even when you're not there.

Welcome Home

With the new Lutron system, you can schedule exterior lights to turn on as you arrive home at the end of your day at work, then as you walk through the door tap the ‘Home’ button to start your entry sequence and illuminate a pathway through your house to your room of choice.

Heading out? Simply tap the ‘Away’ button and all the lights in your home will turn off, the ultimate in convenience and energy saving.

Transform a room

With the new Lutron system, much like it’s predecessors, lighting scenes can be controlled and set up with ease, setting the lighting perfectly in particular rooms for the task at hand.

One setting for cooking, where the lighting over the worktops and preparation areas is bright, and another for dining where the lighting in the kitchen is dimmed and the dining area lighting is brighter. All completely customisable to the clients requirements and tastes.

Lutron Installations

At Epixx, we’ve carried out many Lutron installations – if you’d like to talk to one of our specialists about a similar solution simply click enquire now, or call us on 01524 566006

Entertain and relax

RA2 Select allows users to create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining guests with simple buttons for control of lighting, blinds and audio visual equipment.

Used in conjunction with an AV system from Epixx, the lights and blinds will automatically close at the start of the movie or TV show, allowing that immersive cinema feeling with no glare from natural daylight thanks to the integrated window treatments.

Unwind or get ready

Scene settings don’t have to be confined to the main living areas. Using Lutron’s smart lighting in the bathroom area allows users to have the perfect lighting conditions whether they’re getting ready for work in the morning or relaxing in the bath in the evening.

Using occupancy sensors, lights will automatically turn off after leaving the room, that way you never have to worry whether you’ve left the lights on.

Rest assured

Using the pre-set ‘Goodnight’ button next to the bed allows the system to lower the blinds in all the rooms of the home, and trigger pathways of light to guide you through your home with low level lighting if you get up in the night.

Smart Home made simple

Because Lutron RA2 Select is completely wirefree, it can be installed with ease and retrofitted to any home.

Easy and expandable, you can start your smart home journey with just a couple of rooms and gradually expand when you’re ready.

If you’re already a smart home fan you’ll be pleased to know that the new Lutron platform works with our integration platforms (such as Savant) , but as a standalone system it works with Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri voice assistants, along with other big IOT players like Nest and Smarthings, so no matter which voice control or smarthome platform you prefer, you’ll have seamless voice and app control of your lighting and blinds.

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Lutron RA2 Select Installation

If you're interested in the new Lutron system for your home, or upgrading your current Lutron installation to include voice control and smart features, you can call into our showroom in Kirkby Lonsdale where we will happily give you a demonstration. Alternatively you can click enquire now, or call us on 01524 566006