Nest Alarm System

Nest Alarm System

Nest announce a wireless security alarm system.

Smart Security

A new wave of smart home security systems have hit the market in the past 12 months, allowing simple retrofit installation of CCTV and security systems with the ability to monitor control and interact with your property when you’re not there. Cameras, Motion detection, Doorbells, Gates and Heating can all now new controlled from Smart devices using personal assistants such as Apple’s Siri, and Amazons ever popular Alexa.

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New to the market is nest's offering

Nest Secure, coupled with their new doorbell solution Nest ‘Hello’

Nest has revolutionised the way we control our home heating systems in recent years and their market share in the heating sector continues to grow as integrators like ourselves continue to not only fit them on new build properties due to their ease of use, but we’re seeing an every growing trend of people requesting nest thermostats to be retrofitted as they’ve heard about the energy saving benefits.

Matt Rogers

Founder of Nest

“When we looked at the home security market, we saw a similar landscape to when we entered the thermostat market, current home security offerings are a huge pain to live with, whether it’s bulky hardware, false alarms or loss and stressful countdowns, that’s why 43% of people with alarm systems don’t ever arm them. We set out to design a product that is just as effective during a security incident as it is delightful to use daily”

Cloud Monitoring

The Nest Secure security alarm can be monitored by the end user anywhere and can send push notifications through the cloud using their own servers. Customers are able to add security cameras into the mix too, which are all controlled for the same app as their heating system.

Nest Detect sensors combine both motion and open/close detection which can be used in conjunction with doors, windows or walls like a tradition alarm system. If a user walks out and forgets to arm the house, Nest will automatically send a reminder to the users phone and provides a simple arming sequence which can be done remotely.



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