Private residence gate automation (2018)

Private Residence Gate Automation

A hidden sliding gate installation blending into local Lake District materials

Project Brief

This beautiful property nestled on the side of lake Windermere commissioned a luxury gate automation. The pillars clad in lakeland stone and the gate leaf set with english oak.

The 8m gate was to move through the main cylindrical stone pillar and engage with another cylindrical stone pillar.

The gate is the main entrance for access to the residence for the owners, deliveries and visitors requesting access via a video intercom.

Electric Gate Installations

Working with one of the UK’s leading architectural and sculptural metalworkers CB Arts, we craft beautiful bespoke and automated gates that are not only secure, reliable and safe, but also look stunning.

The Challenge

The visual appeal was being reduced by the necessity of an additional pedestrian entrance and a solution was not expected.

The gate visual appeal was not to be spoilt by overt positioning of safety and operational electronics.

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Our Solution

We offered to setup the gate to allow for pedestrian access as well as vehicular access, this means the gate will open 1m wide for pedestrians and the full 8 meter span for vehicles. Instantly reducing complexity and the need for a pedestrian gate.

We specified hidden ground loops to detect vehicle presence and offer simple no touch exit of the property.

The edges of the gate leaf required edge protection to identify any object present to stop the gate, we set these into the leaf to improve the visual impact, these are traditionally wired, we used radio transmitters hidden within the structure to hide this necessary feature.

Traditional infrared safety beams are unsightly black boxes applied to gate installations to provide necessary pedestrian safety, we specified the most discreet product that covered both the inner and outer areas.

We integrated the opening of the gate with the whole home control system allowing the gate to be opened from the control system throughout the house.

Completed in Partnership with CB Arts

CB Arts are dedicated to the creation of the highest quality architectural and sculptural and metalwork. They have been producing bespoke work for landscape architects, private clients, artists and public and private sector organisations for over 25 years.