Quite Simply French (2020)

Quite Simply French Rooms

After having the opportunity to renovate and restore the attic rooms of the same building, the owner of QSF Restaurant called on Epixx to deliver the lighting design, control, AV and Wifi systems

The Brief

Epixx were tasked with the lighting design to complement the original features of the building, much like we achieved in the ground floor restaurant, we developed a similar lighting scheme to highlight the features while creating dramatic backdrops to the boutique hotel decor.

The AV system would need to be simple, but packed with the latest mod cons that modern hotel goers expect from a boutique hotel room, while delivering control of the lighting to allow guests to dim the lighting to create the perfect mood after enjoying their meal in the ground floor restaurant.

With no reception on site, a door entry system would need to be designed to allow guests to come and go as they please, with the restaurant staff having the ability to onboard new guests and passcodes from the restaurant on the ground floor.

As with all modern hospitality venues, WiFi would be required throughout and delivered via a robust infrastructure.

Robert Mason

Owner - Quite Simply French

“There’s an insider feel that you don’t get at a more formal hotel, and there’s a foodie enthusiasm that wouldn’t be exuded quite as joyfully at a larger enterprise.We want out guests to feel utterly spoiled and very special. Our dedicated team will be offering the familiar, ultimate quality service, everyone associates with Quite Simply French.”

Our Solutions

For the lighting system we used a Lutron dimming system to give us the flexibility to create scenes of light in the spaces that can be manipulated by the end user via the lighting keypads on the walls.

The door entry/ access control uses a 2N access control system to control access to the rooms, this system was running on one of the tills in the restaurant on the ground floor, allowing staff to check in guests for the hotel rooms and issue user codes from the POS computer on the ground floor.

For WiFi we used our go to Ruckus WiFi system to deliver brilliant wifi coverage and speeds to allow all guests access to streaming services from their hotel rooms.

For the AV we used a combination of LG TVs and Yamaha soundbars with bluetooth to allow guests to play their own music in the hotel rooms.

For lighting we used a similar configuration to the ground floor restaurant to continue to modern theme of linear LED strips, downlights and uplights to create dramatic lighting scenes.

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