Savant Home for Apple TV

Savant to Launch Apple TV App

Smart Home industry leading manufacturer Savant are due to release an app for apple TV allowing users to have an on screen display.

What is the Savant Home app for Apple TV?

Access Savant Scenes, Services, and Channel Favourites with a gorgeous interface designed for the TV.

Provides end users with full “heads up” control of their living space

Designed to work seamlessly with the Savant Pro Remote and Button Remote.

Also will be compatible with the Siri Apple TV Remote.

Can be controlled with the Savant Pro App via the new Savant Home App service or within the existing Apple TV service.

View CCTV cameras with ease

Giving users a heads up display on the any TV set connected to the system allows them to scroll through their CCTV cameras with ease, select them to go full screen and then control their cameras with the remote control to allow zooming functions etc.

Its set to work with all CCTV cameras that work with Savant currently, which is great news for all the Dahua and Hikvision clients we already have.

If you already have a Hikvision or Dahua CCTV system get in touch on the link below and find out how we can enable this feature for you.

Savant Control Systems

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Heating and Cooling

Control the climate of the room with the display on the TV screen. This includes support for not only heating but cooling too, and the background of the TV changes from orange to blue to indicate whether the room is heating or cooling.

If the HVAC system supports it, you can also control the fan and the humidity in the room too.

The system supports both single set point and dual set point systems, and can be integrated with most leading HVAC manufacturers including Heatmiser.

Electric Blinds and Shades

The Savant Home app for Apple TV is also set to support control of blinds and lighting. A great feature for hospitality environments where the users get a sleek display on the in room TV screen and allows the users to lower the blinds with the TV remote.

Its set to support both fixed shades such as Somfy and Variable Shades such as Lutron and Qmotion. The main difference being that users can set variable shades to pre-set positions such as 20% for sunny winter days when the sun is low.

Control of TV Channels with ease

When coupled with a Savant control system and a TV Distribution system The system can have you a heads up display of favourite channels and TV guides.

Select the “WATCH” button to activate the selected video source
Select the “GUIDE” button to invoke the channel guide on video source activation
Select the number pad to enter a channel number and go to it directly when the service activates
Select from your channel favourites as the service activates

Favourite channels can be set up on the Savant Pro app directly by the end user and can be updated when viewing tastes change without calling an integrator to set up the favourites for you.

Smart Door Locks

The Apple TV app will include support for compatible smart door lock systems along with this feature allowing us to implement an Automated gate to be used from this screen, giving the user the ability to lock and unlock doors and gates from their TV with ease.