Savant Remote

Savant Remote

The only remote you need, now with Apple's Siri on board.

Siri & HomeKit

When Savant initially launched their remote a couple of years ago voice recognition was almost unheard of. With the rise of siri and amazon alexa around the home, voice recognition has moved more quickly that we all anticipated with most of our projects now involving at least one platform of voice control to control lighting, blinds and AV Equipment.

Savant have recognised that people want this tech, but might not necessarily want it to be listening to them at all times, which is why the voice button on the remote has to be pressed while talking for the system to listen to you.

What does this mean for HomeKit?

Adding Siri to the Savant Pro Remote has unlocked voice search on your Apple TV using Apple’s groundbreaking TV app that pulls in content from across your installed apps on the Apple TV. Press the voice button on the remote and say “Show me Marvel films” the Apple Tv will then deep search all of the compatible streaming apps you have installed and give you viewing options based on your request.

As for HomeKit, this is the initial release including HomeKit within the Savant environment, so only the remotes, touch screens and main host/processor is exposed at this stage, although i can’t see it being long before other services are exposed to the home app such as lighting, shades, heating and AV.


Hans Hoffmann


“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

Customisable new User Interface

Stick with the tried and true classic Savant Remote look, or enjoy updated features such as room images – a handy new feature for smart homes with multiple remotes.

Put the features you use most front and center with a flexible interface that lets each user customize their experience.

This Latest release also allows users to edit their user interface and add favourite channels and scenes to the home screen of the remote giving access to your favourites without having to look through menus. Just one tap and Savant will take over and do all the work.


Manage users and custom interfaces

Switch between user profiles quickly and easily. Save multiple custom interfaces per user, so everyone gets the experience they want.

This feature is great for hospitality installations too where there will be no handover/training. A super simple uncomplicated interface delivered in a sleek beautiful remote is sure to wow hotel guests.

Savant Remote Installations

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