Sky Q – UHD in Every room

Sky Q - UHD on all TV's?

Sky Q has revolutionised sky customers TV viewing experience over the past couple of years giving a much needed facelift to the ever popular British TV viewing platform. Combining streaming services with live content on one simple to use platform has proved to be very popular among sky users and a great deal of clients have now made the jump and upgraded to the latest hardware and software. But with one major drawback. You can only watch UHD (and soon to be released HDR) content on the main box.

UHD. But only in your lounge.

In a world where UHD TVs are commonplace, our customers expect the ability to watch UHD content on all their screens. But Skys offering of ‘Sky Q mini’ boxes are limited to Full HD and are not capable of delivering 4K content which limits the UHD experience to the main TV where the main sky box is connected.

This coupled with Sky’s refusal to supply multiple UHD boxes to account holders leaves them with no choice but to put up with a heavily compressed substandard stream on their secondary boxes.



New features and challenges.

Along with tons of great features and a new intuitive user interface, Sky have started streaming Ultra High Definition (UHD) content to their flagship Sky Box. Which opens up a world of both opportunities and questions for our clients when it comes to content distribution.

If clients request the ability to watch 4K UHD content at all their TV’s in a property, Sky’s solution of compressed streams over WiFi simply isn’t good enough, a hard wired TV distribution system is required to deliver uncompressed video and audio to the TVs using either a CAT.6 or fibre based cable infrastructure.

TV Distribution Systems

At Epixx we specialise in TV distribution systems tailored to our clients needs. Enquire today to find out how we can help with your project.

UHD Everywhere.

By using one of our UHD Content delivery systems, this allows our clients to watch their UHD content on any of their 4K displays, not only does this allow the main UHD Sky Q box to be viewed in any room, it allows content delivery of other UHD sources such as Apple TV 4K, and UHD Bluray players to any screen in the home.

Not only does allow for seamless viewing of content across all the TVs in a home, it allows for mess-free cabling at the Television.