Smart CCTV Installation

Smart CCTV

A new era of relaible CCTV is upon us, and this technology is available for installation right now. Proactive rather than reactive, our systems sit and guard your property while keeping you informed of any activity every step of the way.

CCTV installation

Of course the video quality of CCTV cameras has vastly improved in recent years, with 4K and beyond being a fairly commonplace resolution in the security world, but our CCTV cameras now include advanced algorithms to determine whether the motion its detecting is a human or a vehicle.

This allows us to “arm/disarm” the CCTV system so you can rest assured if you get an alert – the cameras have seen something that shouldn’t be there.

CCTV systems have been a great reactive security component for years, but usually only useful after the event – looking back at footage to figure out how an incident happened and which direction the assailant they came from. And if you’re lucky (and your resolution and illuminators are up to scratch) a numberplate you can hand over to the Police.

For more information about our system’s features see the manufacturers website here.

Solving the Night-vision Problem

CCTV that can record in the dark is nothing new, but this is traditionally done with an infrared lamp built into the camera so that the camera can see in the dark, this results in all night-time footage being black and white.

Our CCTV cameras feature a unique concept – a dual illuminator, so when nothing is happening the camera records in black and white, but when the camera detects motion it floods the area with a bright white light, much like a security light.

This results in full colour night vision and crystal clear images even at night – because in a residential protection setting that’s when you really need your CCTV Cameras to perform.

Strobes and Sirens

To add to the feature rich CCTV system, we now have the ability to link in sirens and strobes (built in to the camera) or mounted externally, as an active deterrance feature. This feature can be armed from the mobile app, or just simply on a timer.

This ensures if somebody’s on your property that shouldn’t be you’ll be notified right as the event occurs, as the strobes and sirens kick in before the would-be intruder even gets to your front door.

We also have the ability to link our CCTV systems to our Intruder alarm systems – meaning you can trigger alarms and receive calls from our monitoring service if this feature is enabled on your system.

Smarter CCTV

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Why not WiFi?

Wireless CCTV cameras are great, there’s no disputing that screwing a battery powered camera to the wall and linking it to your WiFi is a very straight forward job and yield’s a great result for the ease of installation.

The issues arise when your camera runs out of battery or your WiFi drops out – most of the “DIY” kits on the market feature cloud recording – a feature you usually have to pay a monthly fee for, but this also relies on your internet being on and the camera being connected to WiFi.

This gives an intruder two easy ways of destroying evidence, either simply cutting your incoming phone line to sever the connection to the cloud, or using an signal jammer to stop the camera connecting to your hub.

All wireless CCTV cameras use the same wireless frequency, and these signal jammers, although illegal are readily available on the internet.

Our CCTV record locally to a recorder on site, we usually recommend this recorder is in a locked box, but we also offer dual recording and cloud solutions to allow multiple copies of your footage being stored in multiple locations to ensure criminals can never get away with the evidence.

Works With Everything

We understand that other consumer level CCTV systems work with the leading smart “IOT” smart home platforms, these systems deliver a brilliant, user friendly way of viewing your CCTV cameras across a range of devices, but at a cost of build quality, connectivity and system longevity.

That’s why we’ve been developing our own smart hub for our CCTV systems, so you can enjoy the extra features unlocked by the likes of Amazon Alexa and Homekit. But keep the reliability and security of a wired professionally installed CCTV system.

The Epixx Smart Hub will have backwards compatibility to all our existing CCTV installations and offered as an optional bolt-on to all new installations moving forward.