Church Suites (2014)

Boutique Church Suites

These 4 Next Generation Hotel Suites are the epitome of luxury with the finest technology and designer decor to be found in the Lake District. - The Cranleigh

Project Brief

The Cranleigh Boutique situated in the heart of the lake district wanted to create a satellite site to their ever popular brand. They wanted us to design 4 boutique hotel suites which were completely customisable by the end user but equally easy to use as there would be no on site training on how to operate the suites on checkin. Creating the ultimate smart home installation suits.

They stipulated they wanted end users of the hotel suites to be able to control the lighting, blinds, music, movies and TV from an easy to use control interface and for the whole experience to be so intuitive that anybody could check in and start using the tech.

The Challenge

Creating a hotel room which someone can just walk into and control took some thinking about, the user interface had to be user friendly and easy to use. Movie content had to be simple to navigate in stunning quality.

The Solution

We opted for a completely custom iPad app to control everything during this smart home installation, along with simple keypads on the wall to control the mood lighting, music playlists and to turn on ‘Cinema Mode’.

Movies are served up by market leader Kalidescape offering high quality films playing at the swipe of the tablet, full resolution with no buffering.


Tech We Used


We used a Rako lighting control system to allow end users to alter not only the brightness of all the lighting in suites, but the colour temperature and hue too.


We used on site music servers to store music locally and created playlists of songs over a broad range of genres to suit anybody's tastes.


We installed discreet in-ceiling cinema screens and projectors which completely transform the space into a home cinema in the hotel room.

Stephen Hargreaves

CEO - The Cranleigh

Having worked with Epixx now for a number of projects i can whole heartedly confirm their passion for the industry in which they work. Their attention to detail is second to none, as is their design, service, after sales service and complete work ethic. I highly recommend them and will continue to work closely with them for my future projects.