Lakeside Residence (2019)

Lakeside Residence

A new build lake-side private smart home in the heart of the Lake District, complete with multi room audio/video, smart CCTV and alarm systems.

Project Brief

Before installation the ultimate smart home technology to this property we were given a guided brief. Like most new build houses, this project had a thorough specification from the designers that it must include smart lighting, WiFi though-out the premises and outbuildings and advanced security systems.

Digital video intercoms and Gate Automation was added during the project along with a large outdoor lighting scheme to be controlled by the smart lighting system.

Multiroom Audio and centralised source TV Distribution was added during the build process as the specification evolved.

The Challenge

We were commissioned to complete this project during the build process after most of the house had been wired, with limited plans for the project we had to work to tight timescales to ensure our cabling plans for WiFi, TVs and audio got to the site electrician before the site got to the plaster-boarding stage.

Due to the way the building contractor had installed ductwork to the outbuildings in the groundworks stage, adding smart services such as intercoms, WiFi and CCTV cameras after the house was wired was a relatively simple process.

Bespoke Smart Homes

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Our Solutions and Kit List

We opted to use Rako for the smart lighting system in this smart home due to its modular wired and wireless hybrid topology. This allowed us to add extra circuits to the system as the project evolved and make adding extra circuits such as outside lighting a simple and efficient process.

We used an enterprise grade WiFi and network system to ensure there was WiFi in all corners of the property and outbuildings so the client could work from home and take WiFi calls no matter where on the property they are.

We used Sonos amplifiers situated in the comms room to deliver audio to 16 rooms within the home delivered through a combination of ceiling speakers and plaster-in (invisible) speakers from Sonance Speakers

Security Solutions

We opted to RAL colour the CCTV cameras to match the gutter downpipes on the property, this allowed for a seamless aesthetic and minimised the visual intrusion of the cameras themselves, this also tied them in nicely to the lake district slate used in the build process.

We used a TV Distribution to centrally locate the CCTV recorder, Sky box and streaming devices, allowing for a single cable to carry all the video signals to the TV’s and allow the client to view all the sources on any display in the house.