Apple HomeKit

After embracing and developing the Apple HomeKit ecosystem for 5 years in our own houses, and developing our own hardware to bridge the Homekit world to our systems, Epixx now offer full Apple HomeKit home design and installation service.


Most of our clients have iPhones and iPads, and pre-installed on those devices is the Apple Home app – a great starting point to gaining control of your home from your mobile devices, but over the years this would have been left to 3rd party control apps such as Crestron or Savant.

This was mainly due to one bottleneck – compatibility. Apple has a very strict onboarding process for home automation equipment to gain the “HomeKit seal of approval” and these devices have to spend years to get this stamp of approval by Apple. Its still seldom you’ll see professional-grade equipment getting the works with Apple HomeKit stamp, often new equipment is released and this is enabled via firmware updates further down the line once the manufacturer has ticked all of Apple’s boxes.

The fact remains though, if you own an Apple TV and an iPhone you have a very powerful home automation system sat ready for use.

Integrating the Un-integratable

At Epixx we’ve spent years finding the most reliable systems in all the solutions we offer, from lighting & blinds through to access control and gates.

Most of the systems we offer are now fully supported by the Apple Home Ecosystem such as Rako & Lutron for Lighting and Heatmiser for HVAC control.

But for other devices it’s not so simple, what about if we want to start our car from a voice command on frosty morning or want to open the gates using Siri when you’re in the car on bluetooth?

Well – We’ve been developing our own system, built on Apple Home, which leverages the reliability of our existing product repertoire, but allows you full control of everything from HomeKit.

CCTV? No Problem.

We’ve been crying out for a CCTV app that’s user friendly for years. Most CCTV apps on the market are clunky and more reactive than proactive.

By taking our professionally installed Security systems and adding them to Apple HomeKit, not only do you gain a user-friendly interface, facial recognition and rich push notifications, but you can view all your CCTV cameras, direct from your Apple TV, and have the ability to enable “picture in picture” on your TV, so you’re always notified if there’s someone on your property.

Add to this secure cloud recording of your CCTV in iCloud, and the ability to scrub back through your footage timeline on your iPhone. You can even tell the CCTV camera to not notify you when certain people are at the door.

Apple HomeKit Installations

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Airplay 2

A revolutionary protocol developed by Apple, Airplay 2 now takes your multi-room Audio System to new levels. With Airplay 2, you can group, ungroup and adjust the volumes of all the rooms in your home, right from your home screen.

We’re proud to say that all our Audio solutions such as Sonos and Crestron all now support Airplay 2 out of the box.

You’re not just tied to Apple Music either, Airplay 2 works with all streaming services including Spotify and Tidal.

Whether you want discreet ceiling speakers, on wall or floor standing, our audio systems have you covered in the Airplay 2 department.

If This Then That

Giving the automation power to the end user – At Epixx we give full training on how to use the Apple Home app, and how to set up your own automations based on your lifestyle.

Whether its closing your Lutron Blinds at a certain time of day, or bringing your outside lights on at dusk. Or even triggering your favourite scenes when you arrive home.

The Automation engine in Homekit is powerful enough to put your home on autopilot. Allowing you to get back to what you do best.

Read more about Apple HomeKit Here.

Ongoing Support

At Epixx, we understand that technology systems require ongoing maintanance and software updates, that’s why we developed the Epixx Careplan to ensure our clients get unrivalled support for the lifetime of their systems.

Our Homekit Installations are no different, that’s why we offer remote support to all our Careplan and Homekit customers allowing us to upgrade your system remotely ensuring you get the latest features and benefits.

Get Started With Homekit

To get started with your smart home design process, click enquire now or call us on 01524 566006

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