Home Cinema Seating

Home Cinema Seating

A luxurious cinema experience for the ultimate screening entertainment. Relax in the comfort of your own home with our bespoke seating range.

Why Choose Epixx?


When it comes to designing and choosing the right products for your cinema seating it can be overwhelming. The choices are endless with the amount of suppliers and ranges out there.

From sizing, fabric and automation, finding the right cinema seats can be difficult. You want to feel confident in your decision and product to make sure you and your family get the best value for money and quality.

However, Epixx Systems excels in helping you navigate the world of home cinemas and seating by advising you with our expert knowledge on which products will suit your home and desires. Aiding you to reach its fullest entertainment potential.



Luxury Seating


Upgrade your movie nights with deluxe Home Cinema seating. Here at Epixx we install and enhance home cinemas from start to finish, with no out sourcing or additional contractors, we strive to make your experience smoother and movie nights extraordinary.

Priding ourselves on quality and experience, we install the perfect seating to suit you and your home. Matching style and requests, we can find the right seating for family movie nights or for entertaining guests.

With a range of tailored styles and materials in a variety of unique products, including recliners, sofas, arm chairs and day beds, built to suit everyones needs and desires in the state of the art home cinema. Upgrade your seats further with additional leg extension, foot stools or pivot backs.


Touch Control


Furthermore, Epixx strive to improve the whole experience. We provide fully programmed smart remotes to give you access to everything in your cinema room from the touch of a button, allowing you to alter your surroundings without getting up. From your lights, climate and seats to the screen and sound.

Ranging from Keypad controls, mobile apps or hand held devices, manufactured from a variety of state of the art suppliers such as Lutron, Savant and many more. Additionally, you can upgrade one step further with built in control from your arm rest. Having the control system hardware into your seating to give you full access from your seat. All crafted and created from high end suppliers to ensure you get the highest quality technology available.


Enhance your home

Home Cinema

Our bespoke home cinema systems are seamlessly integrated into your smart home, allowing you to watch whatever you want on the big screen.

Touch Screen Control

Control everything in your cinema from the touch of a button. From keypads controls, mobile apps or hand held devices, Epixx can ensure you get the must out of your cinema and seating by altering your experience without even getting up.

Surround Sound

We already work with the world’s finest names in speaker technology, but if you have a personal preference our independence means we’re able to accommodate it.

The expertise to create a smarter technology experience

Rather than Wi-Fi or TV retailing, our background is in electrical and electronics – so we know all about installing components with an effective infrastructure that’s truly reliable and intuitive.


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