Repair and Rescue

Repair and rescue (Simplify and Improve)

Sadly too many of our clients initially contact us with a problem with their existing tech installed by someone else. Fortunately we love these challenges (and some of them are a real challenge), we help pickup the pieces and ultimately don't just restore their faith in installers, but in the benefits of technology.

A few examples

Allow Epixx Systems to come and rescue and repair your system!

Have you bought some Sonos and it just will not behave? Perhaps you have upgraded to Sky Q and found it causes more problems than it solves? Or you wanted to see it on more than three TVs in one home. Those are frequent distress calls we receive and solve.

Perhaps you have inherited an AV rack that is a total mess, cables everywhere and none labelled. Every time you look at it your left in despair with no idea where to even begin.

Since upgrading to LED lamps perhaps you are struggling with lighting that flickers when you dim a scene, or perhaps scenes were never even setup and you’d like this solving, along with that bedroom light that comes on at 5.30 am every morning!

Control your remotes

The more technology you invest in the more control you need, but that doesn’t mean you need all those remote controls!

It’s heartbreaking the number of clients that we have inherited with a coffee table overloaded with remote controls and walls covered in banks of switches and interfaces. We offer incredible simple to use control systems that go much further than any off the shelf “all in one” solutions. Light switches that control the lighting, shading and audio scene in the room with a touch. If you prefer we can add voice control, occupancy sensing, timed changes or combine them to make your home, well, yours!

How we approach a rescue


We like to know about what you have had installed, what you wanted it to do and what you want it to do now.


Once we understand what you want to achieve we will review what changes are required, what equipment is not longer required - often there are several layers of unnecessary complexity that can be removed.


Installing any new tech and repairing any usable elements we can we then make everything work just as you wish.

Sky Q

For years we have been working with Sky and their range of products and unique boxes, love them or hate them, most people want Sky’s content. More recently Sky Q was released and as the industry held its breath, wandering what did its touted brilliance mean for us? More headaches to overcome than ever before. So if like many of our clients you have a Sky Q headache, do get in touch, we have many proven solutions and where necessary can create a bespoke solution to resolve even the toughest of problems.

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