Smart Home

Smart Home

Our home automation systems bring together all your individual smart home products and seamlessly integrate the technology so the overall solution’s greater than the sum of its parts, with simple control via a custom app or intuitive interface.

The Epixx Home Experience

Our Smart Home systems makes it easy to access and control every aspect of your home from your smartphone, tablet our touch screen.

With our smart home systems, everything in the home is controlled with ease on one intelligent platform. Your home becomes more secure, comfortable, and convenient.

With a bewildering choice of technology available, our independent specialist knowledge will prove invaluable.

Using our combined 20 years of smart home technology experience, we’ll find the most suitable combination from the entire spectrum of audio, visual, lighting, security and environmental systems the industry has to offer.


Touch Screens

Control your environment with beautifully designed, easy to use touch screens - control lighting, adjust the temperature, put on your favourite playlist at the touch of a button.


Our remote controls bring together all your systems too, allowing to watch, listen, play or control your environment from the sofa.

Voice Assistants

Our Smart Home systems take voice control of your home to new levels, adjust your home with simple voice commands such as "I'm cold" or "It's too dark" to turn your heating up and brighten the lighting.



Our smart systems make entertaining effortless. Set the mood for a party with one touch, our relax after a day at the office with your favourite songs delivered from your favourite streaming service to whichever room you choose to unwind in.


Our bespoke home cinema systems are seamlessly integrated into your smarthome, allowing you to watch whatever you want on the big screen.


Our TV systems take your viewing experience to a new level, whether you're watching your favourite show on Sky, or relaxing in the home cinema watching a classic. Our systems deliver crystal clear resolution as the director intended, without the clutter of wires running up the wall.



Once the days done, set the perfect scene for a family dinner, relaxing in the garden on a summer evening, or snuggle up for movie night, as the screen turns on, the lights dim and you setting in for a perfect evening.


Set the perfect temperature, if it's cold outside our smart systems adjust automatically to keep you warm, or if its too warm set the air conditioning to cool. Intuitive climate control for every season.


Keep an eye on what's going on at home, set or unset your alarm system, or remotely turn on security lighting, our smart security systems offer the ultimate peace of mind

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