Smart Home

Smart Home

What is Home Automation?

Here at Epixx, we are award winning smart home installers. Our smart home systems makes it easy to access and control every aspect of your home from your smartphone, tablet or touch screen.

With our smart home systems, everything in the home is controlled with ease on one intelligent platform. Including your lights, blinds, audio, TV distribution, and security!  Making your home more secure, comfortable and convenient.

Using our combined 20 years of smart home technology experience, we’ll find the most suitable combination from the entire spectrum of audio, visual, lighting, security and environmental systems the industry has to offer.

We only recommend and install the highest quality brands, making your home reliable and long lasting. We strive to give you the best products and updates on the market to ensure the best user experience possible, as well as an easy and stress free installation process, we work closely with your homes needs and wants.


Lighting & Blinds

Control your lights and shades from your mobile phone with a smart home system. Dim or turn on your lighting before you arrive home from your smart device, making it more convenient and controlled all from the touch of a button. Making your home more cost efficient to save you money.

Draw your blinds from the comfort of your sofa to create the perfect movie experience from your home cinema, shading your screen from the bright reflections without leaving your seat and turn up the volume on your sound bar or surround sounds from your tablet.


Multi-Room Audio

Relax and enjoy your favourite song or podcast with multi-room surround sound audio. We supply and install a range of different speakers depending on your needs, style and specification. Whether that’s mounted, standing, or invisible speakers, we can recommend and install a design that suits you and your home aesthetic.

Multi-room audio is a great feature in your property. Listen to a podcast in the kitchen, whilst music plays in the living room. All fully controllable through your smart phone or wall keypad. Adjust the volume or radio station from the touch of a button.







Heating & Cooling

Not only are smart home automations high tech and easy to use, they’re also energy efficient and eco friendly.

You can completely control the system remotely, using our touch screen interface or app; or you can set the system to automatically allocate heating or air conditioning to where you are in your home, so you’re not wasting energy. It even allows you to control your heating while you’re out, so your home’s the perfect temperature when you return.

We can upgrade and integrate your existing heating system to your smart home automation or start from scratch with minimal disruption to ensure your design and home aesthetic aren’t compromised.

Wifi & Networking

The wifi and networking is the heart of your smart home automation system, so it is only right that we ensure you have the best coverage and range possible throughout your whole property.

When looking at your wifi connection in your home, we start off with the design and size of your space, taking into consideration of the layout and materials used. We then use heat mapping to locate the best place for your access points (boosters) to priorities the connection throughout your whole property.

Smart security systems

All our Smart security systems used commercial-grade alarm equipment to ensure robust operation and enhanced system longevity, we take traditional alarm systems and make them “smart” by adding it to your local network allowing you to monitor your system from your smartphone.

Our professionally installed smart security systems, from an award winning, local smart home installation company, ensure your home is being looked after 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are able to combine your existing CCTV, alarm, gates, doors and security lights all from your smart automation device, giving you access to all of your security systems from your phone to ensure you never miss a thing.

Ready to get started with your own bespoke design?

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