Smart Lighting Systems

At Epixx we use simple control systems to harness the power of light to transform your surroundings, from single room lighting and blinds to a system throughout your home, using any keypad, touchscreen, smartphone or tablet.

Why do you need intelligent lighting?

Lighting has the extraordinary power to enhance, transform and impress; it can add a real ‘wow’ factor to any surroundings. So imagine being able to set the mood, change the ambience and completely alter the feel of a room at the touch of a button – that’s what our intelligent lighting systems do. 

Enhance your home

Energy Saving

Our advanced systems not only dim the lights throughout your home to create the perfect ambience, they also save energy while doing so.

Safety and Security

We make it easy to create pathways of light as you move through your property, and pre-programme your lights to act as if you’re at home while you’re on holiday.

Remote control

Control your lights and blinds from wherever you are, using either handheld controllers or our intuitive interface on your smartphone or tablet via our secure cloud service.

The expertise to create a smarter technology experience

Rather than Hi-Fi or TV retailing, our background is in electrical and electronics – so we know all about installing components with an effective infrastructure that’s truly reliable and intuitive.

Set the perfect scene

One setting for watching TV, another for reading, yet another for entertaining; automatically allocating light to rooms in use, for true energy efficiency. It’s all seamlessly integrated to other systems in your property too; one button can turn all lights and audio visual equipment off as you leave home, while another can create the perfect ambience on your return.


Robert Mason

Owner - Quite Simply French

After our first evening open at QSF everyone loved the new bar lighting. Along with all the music and ambience! And of course the food, service and wine. Thank you Epixx ! Amazing job! Bespoke, professional and on time!

Why Choose Epixx

Full service

We do everything ourselves, from consultation to design, specification, installation and ongoing maintenance, and only bring in experts in specific technologies if the project requires it.

Personal Touch

We’re proud of the relationships we have with our clients, and you can rely on us to make sure everything’s just perfect for you. We’ll do our best to solve any problems the same or next day, too.


From installing simple home heating controls, to fully integrated smart systems. We create dream homes, hospitality environments and cutting edge conference venues. Our portfolio covers a wide range of projects.

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