Sonos Release Beam

Sonos Beam

Sonos has just unveiled its new Beam soundbar at an event in San Francisco.

Powerful Sound

The new Sonos release beam offers powerful sound in a smaller design than the previous Playbar, and features Amazon’s Alexa on board allowing control of your TV with your voice. Sonos claim to have created what they believe to be “an extremely versatile speaker”.

At only 65cm long, the Beam appears be a powerhouse in a compact housing, allowing for it fit snugly below any TV size.

They state on their website that the Beam was tuned by a team of world class audio engineers collaborating with leading experts from the world of film, music and TV.

Sonos Installations

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Play anything

With 55 music services supported, users can enjoy a multitude of content from TV, movies, music, radio, podcasts, audiobooks and games.

The same 5.1 functionality exists in the Sonos release beam as the Playbar allowing to use of speakers from the Play: range coupled with a Subwoofer to create a wireless surround sound setup.

The Beam retails at £399 which is considerably cheaper than the Playbar which comes in at £699. We’ll be doing a review in due course when we get our hands on a demo unit.