Technology Assisted Living

Technology Assisted Living

Independent living, assisted by technology allowing our senior population to remain in their own home.

Digital Home Care (telecare)

In recent times we have been helping increasing numbers of people with their later life needs. There is a wide range of uses for technology to help users directly, or to help families assist and monitor remotely for peace of mind.

Giving home owners the opportunity to continue living independently while being re-assured if something does occur it may not be long before someone is alerted and help is on its way.

We install home care devices that can help you prevent a problem before it occurs, or alerts someone if something is out of the ordinary.

All of this is very similar our main line of work, bespoke and off the shelf tailored solutions installed into the home, with utmost care and attention to detail, with the least possible disruption.

Complimenting home care with home automation

Automation for safety and ease.

We automate everything from curtains and blinds to drinks machines, television, audio, communication, lighting, security, doors, windows, heating and cooling.
Consider making your life easier and safer with us.

Thinking about what you want to achieve

Some examples we have come across;

Reminders to take medication and control the correct dispensation at the correct intervals.

Monitor movement and doors, offering re-assurance your loved one has made it out of bed, should their not be movement for a prolonged period you can be notified. Door detection will give you an idea if a carer has arrived or your senior has unexpectedly gone out, knowing how long they have been gone will help you know how far they may have got, without intrusive CCTV.

Monitor energy usage to ensure frequent drinks ad showers.

Wearables, to raise an alarm, monitor location, pulse rate, detect falls, seizures.

Flood, smoke, gas and heat detectors can sense a problem, turn off the supply or increase the heating and send an alert.

Assisted Living Monitoring

So much of the technology we find ourselves installing relies on human reaction to the information they collect.

We can set up systems to alert you if there has not been movement during the day for example, but what if you miss the alert? You have a choice, monitoring centres can be given access to the same information and make a phone call to the house in the first instance and deploy a carer call out if there is no response.

Simple Enhancements

Video Doorbell with lock Release

Allowing answering the door and releasing the door lock remotely to allow a carer in securely.

Simplified Control

Bringing on favorite channels at preset volume levels with single button presses

Remote access

We can provide information direct to your mobile in an app worldwide anywhere you have an internet connection you can monitor our install.

Not found what you're looking for?

Our favorite solutions are bespoke

We can harness technology to fulfil almost any requirement. Just tell us what you want to do, we will look to design the most practical and simple solution.

We’re not fans of over complicated either.