Texecom join the IOT world

Texecom join the IOT world

The long standing premier manufacturer of security alarm systems have joined the IOT race

Texecom Connect

Texecom Connect allows end users to interact, control and integrate their security system with other devices via the internet. This brings a new world of opportunities for Texecom and indeed all previous Texecom installations that can be upgraded to the new platform.

For too long now traditional security systems have been isolated from the outside world, using 3rd party monitoring companies to inform you when the worst happens which can be intimidating for the end user. The Connect platform changes the way end users interface with their security system making setting and unsetting a breeze, from a super simple user interface for IOS and Android platforms.


Texecom Connect Installations

Epixx have been using Texecom as our premier security alarm system for years. If you would like to upgrade your Texecom system to include 'smart' functionality; simply contact us online to arrange a call or site visit.

Greater Control

Users can gain much greater control over their system from the Texecom connect App. An array of advanced features such as realtime monitoring and tailored push notifications allow end users to stay in touch with their security system no matter where they are, alongside being able to look at logs of when the system was armed and by who. Ideal for companies with numerous employees or private clients who are security conscious and like to keep an eye on movements at their property.


Extra Features

The hardware involved in allowing the Texecom Connect platform allows us to be able to remotely manage and check service states, remotely reset or add users, or even make remote changes to the system upon the clients request.

In summary the Texecom connect allows added functionality for not only the end user but for us and installers and integrators too, and with a modest RRP of £75 for the extra piece of hardware, we think its a win-win.