Why put up with bad WiFi?

Why put up with bad WiFi?

We find time and time again, clients are paying a monthly fee for a substandard WiFi service. We discuss our clients WiFi woes and our tried and tested WiFi installation procedures.

A stable connection

Access to the internet… We all want a fast stable connection as we’re always using it, our children demand it and almost every new device we buy connects to it. Yet we continue to put up with terrible WiFi routers provided by our internet service providers.

We pay £30 to £50 a month for the connection to our homes or businesses, thats £360 to £600 a year for a service which is mostly hampered by the device our ISP’s give us for free. Even the best router advertised to give the “Best WiFi performance and range” is only measuring against more free routers from another internet service provider.

WiFi that's right for your property

We survey your property and find discreet ways to fill your rooms with WiFi, selecting the right equipment from our tried and trusted brands.

Signal Everywhere

Installing good quality WiFi products in carefully chosen locations around your home or business will provide a much better quality connection and improve the speed you receive in every room regardless of the size of your property and depth of stone in your walls.

It’s not just your web browsing that will benefit, your internet connected audio system, smart lighting, smart thermostat, and internet connected alarm system will see a boost in reliability and quality of service.


Felicity Thompson

Private Client

My teenage kids were made up when we moved to a new property with hyperfast fibre broadband, but it equally quickly became clear the WiFi router wouldn't get its signal past the first two rooms and chaos descended. A week after first enquiry Epixx had installed a strong connection throughout the house, without leaving a trace. It just works everywhere, thank you for coming to my rescue.

Hardware that performs

So in the days of super-fast broadband that’s only super-fast within 10 metres of your router, it really does make sense to invest in the correct WiFi distribution equipment that’ll prepare your home or business for more technology in years to come.

Not to mention the added load of internet traffic as more and more TV providers start pushing content to our TV’s over the internet which in most cases means it’s over our household WiFi too.

At Epixx our routers can be used with any internet service providers, including the hyperfast fibre network B4RN.


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Our solutions suit not only your needs but those of your property too, from a small home to a large commercial space. We will tailor a solution to suit your home/business' construction and ensure you have WiFi everywhere.